Join The Ukulele Craze!!!!!

28 11 2008

We’ve been selling the Republic Ukuleles since the doors opened way back when in May 2008. These little Metal Body Ukes have a 1930’s style resonator installed and they really pack a wallop when it comes to the volume they can produce. I’ve shipped these to folks in Florida, Canada, Texas…one even found it’s way to Poland.

Now the’ve become quite popular for just about any kind of music…just ask Scott from Seatbelt & The Pecking Order. Rockabilly Ukulele!!!

Now for your listening pleasure…Check out this fellow playing some CRAZY Blues on his Republic Uke!!!

Pick up one of these Ukes for that special someone on your Christmas List!!!

ONLY $299.00 Including case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

REPAIRS! Feel free to bring down whatever kind of junky axe that’s been collecting mold in your closet and we’ll get it up and running as soon as humanly possible. Amps too! Sell me your record collection or come in and brouse through the wide variety of stuff in the bin. You never know when you might need a backup copy of that old Yma Sumac LP!!!


First Thursday November 6

4 11 2008

Come on down forĀ another installment of great music!
Free show at Sacred Grounds, presented by Guitar Safari!