Sponge Bath Square Dad…Tell him what we said ’bout “Paint It Black”.

14 01 2011

I’m bummed, happy and sad, but strangely glad. I just sold my beloved mint condition late 50’s Kay Barney Kessel Pro Model.  The only saving grace is that it has gone to a very good home.  Nick Carr is responsible for music that shows up faithfully and chock-full of whimsy in conjunction with the wonderful and smartly-stupid Sponge Bob Square Pants Cartoon Series.   It’s a painful tickle that pervades at this time.  Thanks Nick, you’ve  all at once ruined and somehow completed my life.  Attached is a shot of Nick’s Home Studio with the newly adopted baby.  Take this Brother…May it serve you well!

I still have my Kessel Jazz Special so…all is not lost. All is not lost.  The only guitar that ever came to me in a Lawnmower Box.  It’s not going anywhere!