Hey and Howdy! This month brings new developements to the guitar shop. YES! I’m selling used and new vinyl records and CDs.
Guitar Safari is now the exclusive “Walk-In Outlet” for the great Recess Records Label…I’m also selling some of the coolest old records you will find anywhere. You name it and it will somehow wind up on the shelf here.
Used records are usually about $5.00 each.

Please check out the Recess Records Website for the Latest Greatest catalog items available.
Get with the Vinyl Lp tip! Don’t let the establishment shove crummy CDs down your throat! Art is fun to hold in your hands!

Records are $12.00

CDs are $14.00

Thanks Todd!


One response

30 11 2009
Alan Walker

Like an idiot I got rid of just about all my records. I buy more records now than cd’s. I buy used ones only. Here’s a funny thought. I recently made some files that were: musical performances originally recorded onto tape. Then they were mixed down onto another tape. Then they were mastered onto another tape. Then special lathes cut metal masters, of which copies were made so they could stamp records. Decades later, all the tapes were lost. To re-release, they found cleanest vinyl record possible, and remastered onto tape. Then metal masters created and then copies of those to make new record stamps. Then I bought the record and the first time I played it I recorded it onto a cassette tape. The record is now long gone so all I have is a cassette, so I record it into my computer and POOF! it’s a file.

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