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This space is not for the buying or selling of instruments… It’s for enabling good people to hook up musically and artistically.
If you are a band seeking musicians, gigs, etc. or have upcoming shows you’d like to mention, please post here!

By leaving a COMMENT on this page you’ll be able to advertise your skills or what and who you’re looking for just as soon as I approve and post it.
Now get busy and find that elusive Sleigh Bell Virtuoso for your band today!


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27 01 2010

I wanna be the first guy to write on this darn bulletin board. Does anyone wanna start a band??? Stone Roses meets Spacemen 3 meets T-Rex?

6 03 2010

I am the 2nd guy to write on this bulletin board for the challenged.

I’ll be in your band Giovanni. Maybe you need a mandolin or a bouzouki player? Let me know. I am a better mandolin player though… keep that in mind.

I am hoping we can recruit Dastardly Drink Filthy Dirk on the Spoons.. What are your thoughts on that?

6 05 2010

i guess that makes me the third person and i am most definitely challenged.
i play one serious kazoo. all we need now is a trumpet and gong player. another kazoo wouldn’t hurt either. thoughts?

6 05 2010
Guitar Safari

Thoughts? Lets just leave it where it lays….things might get a little too serious.
I play a mean Chow Wagon Metal Triangle if anyone’s interested.

19 04 2010

I seriously need to start a band though…Anyone?

7 05 2010

Hi! I’m wondering if there are any drummers around interested in a casual group. I’m forming a summer fun band with some friends (we all attend different colleges, so it’s limited to the late May-August set), so if anyone would be hip to jamming and doing a couple gigs for fun, send me a buzz at ronaldtsanders@gmail.com

My own myspace, for reference: myspace.com/holyapparatus

8 05 2010
Guitar Safari

Sounds great! If you give me a few more details like what kind of music…what instruments might be involved, etc… I can pass this along to more folks.
Thanks for using the Bulletin board!

26 07 2012

I’m a Pedro-based (you know!), guitar-playin’ dude with Vox amp. Play Monday nights with an impromptu band in Alhambra. Anybody in the South Bay want to get it on

30 05 2010

i’m looking to form a power trio in the spirit of the minutemen, the james gang, etc. i play bass, an live in pedro
my goal is free beer at Harold’s
let me know

14 09 2010

Alie and I are currently looking for Solo/ trio muscians to play the Warshaw Gallery.

If interested
Please contact us at 310-831-1551

23 02 2011

DIRK HERES THE MODEL OF REPUBLIC RESOPHONIC GUITAR IM INTERESTED IN BROTHER “RESOLIAN” PARLOR STYLE # 302 Specs: bell brass body…round neck…24 1/2” scale…handspun Continental cone…adjustable trussrod… rosewood fingerboard…mahogany neck…1 7/8” bone nut…maple saddle…antique brass finish.

23 02 2011


23 05 2011

I could MAYBE play the cowbell.

23 05 2011
Guitar Safari

I’m so happy that anyone…anyone at all reads my Pabulum! Thanks! Cowbell, Southern Belle…bring it on!

10 05 2012

I’ve been practicing, I think I am ready for audition. Peace St. D.

23 05 2011

Hi all,

Just your local troubadours, letting everyone know that this Friday night, May 27, from 5:30 to 8:30pm… We will be playing music at Paddy O’s in Torrance. On Western Ave, between Del Amo Blvd. & 190th. It’s the GREEN building on right side of Western if heading north. You’ll definitely see it.

Come enjoy some good food, drinks and a cozy patio atmosphere while listening to us play & sing some Rock, Folk, Country & Pop music. Hear yesterday’s, today’s and some new original songs by our trio called “Riverwood”.

Hope to see ya there..

Kathy, Steve and Ian

23 11 2011

I can play the doorbell 🙂

10 05 2012


10 05 2012

PS- Zig is available to jam.

10 05 2012
Guitar Safari


10 05 2012

Doorbells are fun, don’t be scared.

10 05 2012
23 02 2017

Bass/guitarist and drummer with space at koos/lockout looking for some guitarists, keys, horns, beers for space desert blues rock stoner metal(etc,etc.). Think Kyuss and Hawkwind had a baby and it grew up to date Allman bros or someshit

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