Gayness & Guitars

20 05 2010

Are some guitars more Gay than others? I just heard a story on NPR about how the Census might provide some other entities with statistics who are wanting to take advantage of that information for the purpose of marketing their products or services to Gay, Lesbian and Transgendered people.  I don’t think there’s any way I might even try to spell things out for these folks, or anyone for that matter,  who might want to buy a guitar, amp or anything… a sandwich?  I mean, I don’t want to know anything except for the fact that you might enjoy my shop and think you were treated right.  This is a big problem for me…this is how Nazi Germany got it’s groove on…thanks to IBM and their newly developed Punch-Card system they were able to find out just a little too much about people.  The Census might be just fine but if only left in a very Grey-Area kind of way…I mean, why do I need to know if your skin is green to sell you a guitar?  People are people so let’s try to get over it.  The money or social program that’s made available for regions where this sort of information makes itself useful should come to town regardless.  Not for the discrimination or advantage of marketing.  Demographics my ass!  If I had to rely on any kind of statistic that I filled out on a form I probably couldn’t sell a guitar to myself…but a lot of people are trying to sell them to me because they’re hurting.  Really hurting.  It’s been said that in times of trouble the only things that keep selling are Liquor, Sex and Music.  As far as I can see, Liquor and Sex have won this time.  The mentality of this joint could maybe use an overhaul…or maybe just a U-Haul.…and, well, I Love you too Baby!  Now for something on the lighter side…Chow down on this!



6 05 2010

Okay, here’s a nice picture for you to ponder for the next few days.

How long can it remain to be six to ten?

If six…turned out to be nine….