The Big Event Of The Century!!!

19 09 2009



Okay. I’m gonna play it straight and tell you that you had better get your lazy “punk” diaper butts on down to Harold’s Place on September 26th and check out one of the best original Los Angeles Punk bands and get your lame, brand name Social Distortion brain tamed and edified by how great these guys are.  THE GEARS…yeah, THE FUCKING GEARS are going to play in San Pedro.  Riding high on the crest of the re-release of their crazy cool “Rockin’ At Ground Zero” record/cd, they’ve given us the honor of playing in the humble confines of the only bar in town that matters…well, I still gotta give some cred to Godmother’s, but they ain’t got no Punk Rock.  If you don’t live anywhere near San Pedro I feel very sorry for you this time.  Rounding out this Trainwreck, will be the incredible (for a multitude of reasons, good and bad) Seatbelt & The Pecking Order and the reconstituted Pedro band The Longhorns.  This is a night that should not be missed. Be sure to tip Deb the bartender and of all things, DON’T BE AFRAID TO POGO! This shit is FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!