Let’s Get It On…Fight The Power!

11 08 2010

No plumage. No frills. No Nothing…except for amazing tone and rarity.  Here we have a Gibson Army Navy Model guitar and Gibson A Junior Mandolin. Both of these models are from between 1918-1922.  The Army Navy is the very first flat-top model that Gibson ever produced…and what a tone it produces!  Notice, no glossy finish, no logo on the headstock, no fancy appointments, just everything else!   This guitar has the most woody kind of tone I’ve ever heard.  It’s got a great neck that makes you work a little bit but it’s worth it.  This is “bottom-of-the-line” junk that kills.

The A Junior Mandolin is a great match tonally and visually with the Army Navy Guitar.  I’m in love with the no-frills nature of both of these pieces.  Both completely original and worth a hug.  Spartan to the hilt!
I’ve had several hundred guitars and this is kind of where I’m happy to wind up.  Sitting on the front steps playing music in the sun with a bag of fertilizer and terra-cotta pots.
Am I getting old?  I was playing “Jealous Again” by Black Flag  on that Army Navy!  Bee-otch!  AARP PUNK ROCK RULES!   Thanks to Kerry Char Guitars (Portland, Oregon) and Chuck Alvarez (San Pedro, Ca) for getting me hooked up with both of these beauties.  It ain’t so bad to be broke when you’re in love.  Hi Jenny!