Dessert & The Desert

14 06 2010

Well alright!  We made our way out last weekend to Joshua Tree for a couple days of debaucherous hilarity.  Losing our car in the dark parking lot of Pappy & Harriet’s…lost purses, lost cameras,  rides in cars with strangers, more rides in more cars with different strangers, climbing through windows, and seeing one of the most amazing bands on the planet!  The Sadies.  Dallas Good, Travis Good, Mike Belitsky, and Sean Dean. A better than perfect mix of Psychedelic Country, Garage, and Canadian Surf Tunes (Imagine that!).  These guys are so bizarre and cool.  They’re like a Charm Of Hummingbirds attacking Tippi Hedron in a phone booth!  This is my third time hearing them live, up close and personal (Check the photos).  The desert can be incredible all on it’s own but when the Sadies are added to the mix of rocky desert scenery, there is some well placed rock…and no telling what’s gonna happen.  We managed to find a tiny bungalow for the weekend in the middle of nowhere with a kitchen and a view.  The Rimrock Ranch. DO NOT GO THERE!!!  I just might  need the room for myself!  Great folks, nice surroundings, Petticoat Junction style aluminum pool, and a nice doggy that hangs around in the dirt then invites himself in for the night if you give him a leftover Rigatoni Noodle.  Then next, you’ve got your Pappy & Harriet’s.  This is where you can go and listen to raunchy bands while having  the most impossibly delicious Blackened Catfish Sandwich and sweet Homemade Strawberry Shortcake, then ask for a lid for your Iced Tea and have the wonderful waitress Madeleine tell you with a smile  ” You’re shit-out-of-luck Bitches!”  “No lids for the plastic cups.”   The whole weekend was one crazy, dusty Dune Buggy Hayride to Heaven!

It was great to meet and talk to The Late, Great Jimmy Bryant’s son John who just happened to be our neighbor for the weekend.   He’s busy making a documentary about his father entitled “Stratosphere Boogie”.  Keep an eye out for it!   Everyone was so entertaining!  I’m sure I was too.  Knocking on everyone’s door to no avail at 1:00 am after realizing that the key to our rented Love-Nest was still in the invisible car at Pappy & Harriet’s black-hole parking lot after the show.  Using my brain, I decided to Reverse-Defenestrate myself through the Bedroom window, nearly breaking my neck before the bed below me broke my fall.  Hooray!  This is probably way too much information for all of the casual readers of this sporadic blog….all two and a half of you!   Oh, by the way, I still have a Guitar Shop and you need to go there very soon and throw money at me, then go to the Desert.  It’ll do you some Good!  The Brothers Good that is!  Go see the Sadies when they come around…just be sure to mind your P’s & Q’s!!!


With Saccharine and Trust

13 03 2010

One more post regarding the Reactionaries show. It’s always been an amazing experience when seeing Saccharine Trust. I’ve been lucky enough to have seen them dozens of times. They opened the show at Harold’s for the Reactionaries Record Release Party a few weeks back.  Just a handful of records were released, melding jazz, punk, funk, spoken word…you name it, but all worth a listen. I must say these guys are on par but perhaps a different par with the Minutemen or any other L.A. band that truly had, and still has great vision. Their music and live performances are second to none. Joe Baiza and Jack Brewer should be forever sewn at the hip to prevent the disintegration of this band ever again.  They took about ten years off and are back stronger than ever for the last couple of years. Here are a couple shots granted for use here by photographer Matthew Widmark who documented the live performance of PAGANICONS at Harold’s.  San Pedro is finally coming of age! Again!

There’s plenty of stuff on the Internet if you’re not familiar with this band.  Too much for me to post here.  Here’s a link to Matthew’s pictures of the entire event.  Thanks Matt!  Great Shots of a night to remember.  Check out the Unknown Instructors CD if you get a chance. It features an array of  “Wannabees” including Joe Baiza, Dan McGuire, George Hurley, Raymond Pettibon, David Thomas and Mike Watt….who are these dudes anyway?

Knee Jerks

17 02 2010

Hey Folks!  Well it’s finally here… physically, the biggest, most gigantic cover band in all the land.  ALL REACTIONARIES ARE PAPER TIGERS (there’s like 40 people in this band?) will be performing at the legendary HAROLD’S PLACE right here in St. Pete, Ca.  on February 20th, 2010.  Whippin’ it out in honor of Martin Tambourovich and D. Boon.  Trying to relive the 1979 vibe that was the precursor to The Minutemen.  THE REACTIONARIES. Who would believe it would take ten bands to recreate just one?  I would, and I’m part of it.  Also on the bill, the total mind-blow of Saccharine Trust playing the entire Pagan Icons LP LIVE!!!!  This is gonna be something!  Bring your Mom on down and let’s make a mess of things.  Click the poster image for details!! Thanks to Craig Ibarra, Kevin Carle, Mike Watt and all the knuckleheads at the big blue house that is Cali Mucho Studios!  The Reactionaries LP is on sale at my shop for a very limited time…and it’s pressed on GREEN VINYL!  Artwork by the incredible Joe Baiza!  Have a bit of a romp and do something healthy for your head…reminisce about before you were born!  Oh yes, and if you’ve got the time, check out this Mike Watt Internet Radio Show that will tell you almost everything you might want to know about everything.
It’s 1979!  Look Ahead……………


22 11 2009

Hey Now!  I’m sorry to report that Guitar Safari’s exclusive promotion “A Free Wig With Every Purchase” has finally come to an end.  This longstanding and well loved bonus will be sadly missed by all the hundreds and thousands of worthy patrons who proudly don these fine quality coifs. I thought about promising “Free sticks and strings while they last” like my competition but just about anyone could go out any day of the week and find a stick and a piece of string…what a way to dupe the unsuspecting Pink Tutu wearing girls and Shirtless Heavy Metal Leather Pants Wearing dudes of this town that put their backs to the wind, and the camera lens, then march off hand in hand into the smoke from the smoke machine.  Now why didn’t I think of that ad campaign?  I’ll give you one guess.  No.  Wrong.  It’s just base and sexist.  I have plenty of girls coming in to my shop who play kick-ass guitar, bass or drums and don’t adhere to the insulting and sterotypical.  Well alright, now then… the photo here features two of the smartest and wildest local talents…straight from BLACK SPARROW PRESS!…Danny and Adam!  These guys rock and if you listen closely you will hear them playing at Harold’s Place on December 3rd, 2009 on the bill with legendary SST Records Producer and Genius, SPOT…or at an House Party near you very soon.  Nice wigs guys!  Where’d you score those sweet mops?

The Big Event Of The Century!!!

19 09 2009



Okay. I’m gonna play it straight and tell you that you had better get your lazy “punk” diaper butts on down to Harold’s Place on September 26th and check out one of the best original Los Angeles Punk bands and get your lame, brand name Social Distortion brain tamed and edified by how great these guys are.  THE GEARS…yeah, THE FUCKING GEARS are going to play in San Pedro.  Riding high on the crest of the re-release of their crazy cool “Rockin’ At Ground Zero” record/cd, they’ve given us the honor of playing in the humble confines of the only bar in town that matters…well, I still gotta give some cred to Godmother’s, but they ain’t got no Punk Rock.  If you don’t live anywhere near San Pedro I feel very sorry for you this time.  Rounding out this Trainwreck, will be the incredible (for a multitude of reasons, good and bad) Seatbelt & The Pecking Order and the reconstituted Pedro band The Longhorns.  This is a night that should not be missed. Be sure to tip Deb the bartender and of all things, DON’T BE AFRAID TO POGO! This shit is FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Urinals Are Coming To Pedro!

3 08 2009

*Extra! Extra! This just in!  Mike Watt + The Missingsecondmen will also be opening this show for  THE URINALS! I had a feeling that this was going to happen! It’ll be a quick half hour set blasting it out with Pete and Raul. Get there early!

Welcome to the wonderful world of AUGUST! I’ve put together a show on August 15th at Harold’s Place on Pacific Avenue here in town. The seminal Los Angeles Punk Band…The Urinals…aka 100 Flowers (remember the Minutemen’s cover song Ack Ack Ack?) will headline the show and blow your little heads off!  If you were born in the ’80’s, and you probably were, then you missed it! Well now’s your chance to get a dose of what put Los Angeles on the map. Those were the days…Germs, Nervous Gender, Minutemen, Peer Group, The Bags, The Alleycats, I.U.D. …there were no rules, no formulas. This was and still is the stuff of great invention.  This notorious band, The Urinals are wonderful and very dear friends of mine.  This is a show that’s not to be missed! You might think you’re Punk Rock but then there are those who know what it is and where it comes from.  So jump on this tip! Travel back, back to before you were born.  It’ll be just fine.


Along on the bill is the Freak Folk Punk Collective Harbinger…Black Sparrow Press…straight from Pedro! Watch out for Danny on lead bucket and the right and left handed mirror image of brothers Chris and Adam banging away on their guitars respectively.  Songs of drunken bliss, sober torment and love in the toilet reign as staples in their set.  Shown is Adam and Danny, sadly sans Chris but I liked this photo. Come on down and see Chris in person! I hope they’ll be selling their new CD at the show.  It’s beautiful and features an amazing artwork poster by Danny. Get it!


Last but not at all least is a band that’s been through a few incarnations led by local heart-throb, recent graduate and guitar slinging genius, Giovanni Boskovich and his new band …Black Warhol…This guy can write a pop song that will ring in your head for days. This show is free, and as always, presented by Guitar Safari.  Again, Another Fine S.L.U.T.  Production (Support Local Unsigned Talent) .  The video below highlights the Pope Of Pop, Giovanni, with one of his very best songs. Usually he can be found wearing his Greek Captain’s hat scored at the soon to be  defunkt Pedro Stalwart, Union War Surplus Store over here on 6th Street (okay! 63 years in the making, and demise…what the hell do you want? How about 63 more years?)  Thanks to Cheerful Al!…Sorry to see you go! Many thanks for all the 501 jeans and camouflage g-strings over the years!  More information for the show as it rears it’s ugly head.

bspCome on down and see Chris in person!

8 06 2009

6-13 harolds show

First Thursday November 6

4 11 2008

Come on down for another installment of great music!
Free show at Sacred Grounds, presented by Guitar Safari!


New Look

25 10 2008

Hey, check us out now!
We didn’t even have to spend $150,000 to put lipstick on this pig!  Stay tuned as we load more images of things you want to buy!

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Don’t forget to check out Sonadora tonight at 6pm at Beacon House in San Pedro!!  FREE!