The One That Got Away :(

3 10 2009

randy bachman Just a quick one here…while she’s away…Here’s a photo of Randy Bachman of The Guess Who holding my, well what once was mine, super rare double cutaway Silvertone. This guy is a serious collector and knows his shit. That’s why I’m without this fine and very rare guitar. Thanks to Bann and Randy!!! ROCK ON!!!…and if you ever wanna sell that thing you better call me first!

…and another thing! Last night my silly band played at Godmother’s here in Pedro.  What a thrill and scary thing it was to have Glenn Cornick of Jethro Tull sit in with us! We played, or should I say, tried to play, New Day Yesterday. What a great song that is! I must say Scott did a great job of getting that together at the last minute. I, on the other hand, was just a little too happy at that point. Then Cliff Wagner gets up and blows everyone away with a couple of songs. This is the kind of show that makes life feel alive.  A pile of great folks having a night out. Thanks to everyone for coming down and also to David Pratt for letting me borrow his drum throne…NOW, I gotta get to work.  I love you!

Welcome to October! 2009…who would have believed it?

2 10 2009

Okay…Thanks to all who came out and had a blast at the Gears show.  It was really amazing and guess what?  They said they want to do it again!  Hooray for San Pedro! This month I’m blowin’ out the stock I have of AXL Badwater guitars. These babies have EMG Pickups and a very cool array of finish options.  Once they’re gone that’s it! Only $129.00!!! And I’ll throw in free Fender Chord Book…there’s enough chords in this book to keep you busy for a hunded years!!!  This month’s Pin-Up is the young and Rockin’ Guitar Safari Super Spokesmodel, Arielle in younger days.  She’s probably about 15 years old when this shot was taken and playin’ the heck out of a 1936 National Duolian…what could be better than that?

As always, I do repairs ($30.00 per hr.) and set-ups ($45.00 per w/strings…that’s half the price of the other Local Yokels!) on all kinds of guitars and tube amp repair…get rid of that solid state, made to break, diposable junk and buy a real amp before there aren’t any left!  Line 6 my ass!  Why buy an amp that is trying so hard to sound like a real live tube powered amp?  Guitar Center is like the Bush Administration selling you down the river with that crap.  When it takes a dump…just throw it away!  Because it costs more to fix it than to buy a new one.  That’s just great!  …and another thing, I have a friend named Cliff Wagner.  He has a band called Old Number 7 and all you good folks need to get out of your little box and check this guy out.   He’s got several records/Cds out and is a powerhouse when live.   Good Time Bluegrass with a twist. He just finished making a SLASHER MOVIE SOUNDTRACK fer chrissakes!  More on that to follow as details arrive to the Guitar Safari News Center.  What else?  Happy Birthday to Mahatma Gandhi!!!! Born October 2nd (Assassinated on January 30th, 1948)  We really miss you!   Oh yeah, make sure you take a bath after reading this because your hair kind of stinks.

23 01 2009

WOW! Guitar Safari is San Pedro’s exclusive dealer!

Pre-order any of these models now.


Guitar Safari is very proud to present this classic line of fine instruments.  I know it might be a bit premature, but I couldn’t wait to tell you folks about these.  They’ll arrive sometime around March ’09.  I’ve already placed the order for one each of the six string models but let me know if you’re dying to get your hands on a killer bass or baritone and I’ll get that added to the order.

All of these fine guitars will be priced at only $399.oo… BUT… all pre-orders will be eligible for an additional 10% off!  That’s a $39.90 discount for all of you Rocket Scientists in the house.  Gimme a call 310-547-9355.
…and have a totally boss Summer!

The New Republic!

12 01 2009


Well, well, well…look who just showed up on my doorstep.
This is the latest offering of Repblic Resonators. These are simply great guitars and are priced from $399 and $629 including the form fit case. Slide on in and check these out! Great for slide or fingerstyle playing…set up and ready to go.

Call for special individual pricing on these and the new selection of Republic Ukuleles in wild new finishes.

The number 310 547 9355 Will get you the very best deal! Shhhhhh!


NEWS UPDATE! Two Republics sold this last Saturday!!! One is to be used for soundtrack work for a Television Special!!! How cool is that?
Thanks to Jeff for making the trip down and also to MR.? (it’s a secret!)  for picking up a way sweet reso-uke!!!

Hello 2009

5 01 2009


Thanks to all who came by and made the holidays such a great time.
We sold a pile of guitars and met a whole lot of new friends.

Totally sold out of all Republic Resonators, but all new stock is arriving today! These are the hot ticket and won’t last long. Check the New Gear Page for models. I made a special buy on a couple models that will be discounted right from the get go.  One is a Single Cone with a one-of-a-kind paint job! Matte Finish with Exploding Palm Tree Design…this will not be seen again! I have the latest Ukulele designs as well. Please call for best available price.

Remember we do repairs on any kind of junk and set-ups at a better price than anyone around. Only $45.00 on most electrics including strings…all of you Floyd Rose guys and gals better get your wallets out, those are a bit more because they can be a nightmare. Repairs on TUBE AMPS too are never a problem. We carry all of the tubes you need to make that baby scream. Come on in for a quote.

Cheers and have a fine ’09!



Last-minute shopping?

9 12 2008




Surf’s up! Hit the beach and start a luau with the Hawaiian Acoustic Guitar from Recording King.

The Hawaiian features an idyllic beach paradise where surfers chase world famous waves and cruise ships get ready to dock. No detail was spared in making this guitar an authentic original. This is a great guitar to take to the beach and start a party.

Each package features original box art and comes with a delicately embroidered guitar strap, songbook, and a signed certificate of authenticity.

World-renown for designing guitars for heroes such as Roy Rogers, Dale Evans and Gene Autry, designer Greg Rich is a leader in reviving the cowboy guitar tradition. The tropical Hawaiian summer is right in front of you when you have this Recording King guitar within your reach.

ONLY $149.00


The Lucida Spruce Top Classical is available in a package that includes everything you need to get started. The Lucida PlayerPac includes the LG-520 guitar, a padded DuraGuard bag, Pitch Pipes, Peg Winder, and Guitar Strap.
List price $139. Guitar Safari Price,$99.00 while supplies last!


Join The Ukulele Craze!!!!!

28 11 2008

We’ve been selling the Republic Ukuleles since the doors opened way back when in May 2008. These little Metal Body Ukes have a 1930’s style resonator installed and they really pack a wallop when it comes to the volume they can produce. I’ve shipped these to folks in Florida, Canada, Texas…one even found it’s way to Poland.

Now the’ve become quite popular for just about any kind of music…just ask Scott from Seatbelt & The Pecking Order. Rockabilly Ukulele!!!

Now for your listening pleasure…Check out this fellow playing some CRAZY Blues on his Republic Uke!!!

Pick up one of these Ukes for that special someone on your Christmas List!!!

ONLY $299.00 Including case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

REPAIRS! Feel free to bring down whatever kind of junky axe that’s been collecting mold in your closet and we’ll get it up and running as soon as humanly possible. Amps too! Sell me your record collection or come in and brouse through the wide variety of stuff in the bin. You never know when you might need a backup copy of that old Yma Sumac LP!!!