The One That Got Away :(

3 10 2009

randy bachman Just a quick one here…while she’s away…Here’s a photo of Randy Bachman of The Guess Who holding my, well what once was mine, super rare double cutaway Silvertone. This guy is a serious collector and knows his shit. That’s why I’m without this fine and very rare guitar. Thanks to Bann and Randy!!! ROCK ON!!!…and if you ever wanna sell that thing you better call me first!

…and another thing! Last night my silly band played at Godmother’s here in Pedro.  What a thrill and scary thing it was to have Glenn Cornick of Jethro Tull sit in with us! We played, or should I say, tried to play, New Day Yesterday. What a great song that is! I must say Scott did a great job of getting that together at the last minute. I, on the other hand, was just a little too happy at that point. Then Cliff Wagner gets up and blows everyone away with a couple of songs. This is the kind of show that makes life feel alive.  A pile of great folks having a night out. Thanks to everyone for coming down and also to David Pratt for letting me borrow his drum throne…NOW, I gotta get to work.  I love you!




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