Knee Jerks

17 02 2010

Hey Folks!  Well it’s finally here… physically, the biggest, most gigantic cover band in all the land.  ALL REACTIONARIES ARE PAPER TIGERS (there’s like 40 people in this band?) will be performing at the legendary HAROLD’S PLACE right here in St. Pete, Ca.  on February 20th, 2010.  Whippin’ it out in honor of Martin Tambourovich and D. Boon.  Trying to relive the 1979 vibe that was the precursor to The Minutemen.  THE REACTIONARIES. Who would believe it would take ten bands to recreate just one?  I would, and I’m part of it.  Also on the bill, the total mind-blow of Saccharine Trust playing the entire Pagan Icons LP LIVE!!!!  This is gonna be something!  Bring your Mom on down and let’s make a mess of things.  Click the poster image for details!! Thanks to Craig Ibarra, Kevin Carle, Mike Watt and all the knuckleheads at the big blue house that is Cali Mucho Studios!  The Reactionaries LP is on sale at my shop for a very limited time…and it’s pressed on GREEN VINYL!  Artwork by the incredible Joe Baiza!  Have a bit of a romp and do something healthy for your head…reminisce about before you were born!  Oh yes, and if you’ve got the time, check out this Mike Watt Internet Radio Show that will tell you almost everything you might want to know about everything.
It’s 1979!  Look Ahead……………




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17 02 2010
Alan Walker

I just checked out the blog and “1979” is definitely a cool project. I hope it was as much fun as it looks.

20 02 2010

Even though I’m never invited to any of these local gigs “Officially,” (finding out only through the “Grapevine” because I’m such an “Outsider” since I moved away from “Pedro”) perhaps I’ll come to this “Very Special Gig” for the “Very Last Time.” Why not? Because I’m dying too….just like you 🙂

20 02 2010
Guitar Safari

Waddya mean not invited??? That’s what this stupid website blog deal is all about! You found it! Make sure you get there in time to see Saccharine Trust!!!!
Hell and heck yes! It’s gonna be great!

20 02 2010

Martin and Crane’s Crop Circle Experience

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