6 05 2010

Okay, here’s a nice picture for you to ponder for the next few days.

How long can it remain to be six to ten?

If six…turned out to be nine….




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6 05 2010

They’ll eventually over-stay their welcome. It’s just a matter of time. That said, it will probably get worse first, and things may not improve until after we’re dead. But I’m in agreement with you. They are truly horrible people. Unfortunately they are just smart enough to hypnotize the angry bovine excuses for human beings that give them power. Those are the ones who really scare me. They lynch people they don’t like. And if they knew me, they wouldn’t like me. Because I hate them.

7 05 2010
Guitar Safari

Just to explain for a moment. This photo was originally accompanied by a rant regarding ugly, stupid hate mongering Americans. Radio talk show types and idiot “governors” who don’t have the nerve to even stick it out and finish their term in office just so they can go out on the idiot hate trail and sell shitty books and political garbage ideals to anyone who is fucking stupid enough to listen. For reasons inexplicable, I chose to take more of a Zen approach and removed the rant but before I changed the text, my dear friend and devoted reader of this blog, Buzz, read the original and commented. I feel very good.
I feel in very good company. They would hate me too……I can’t wait to pry the guns out of their cold, dead hands.

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