July Awake All Night…………………..

7 07 2010

When I was a kid I was in a band and played the drums. We would play two chord jams in my parent’s garage that would go on for hours. I still can’t believe that not ONCE did the neighbors complain about the horrid racket we pumped through those paper-thin walls.  Soon after honing our skills, we had a real band that would play home-spun rock opera kind of stuff.  There were other bands in our High School, but we were the only ones who made up our own music.  These other cats would play shit like “Tales From Topographic Oceans” at house parties and we would counter that with our own Rock Operas like “Big Brain”…costumes, choreography  and everything.  When the band (“Wasted Space”)  broke up after a long stint, I decided that I needed a guitar. It’s not that easy to write songs on the drums. Here for your approval or disapproval, is the first guitar I ever bought.  It’s a 1970’s Kay that was made in Japan. It cost me $200.00 at Marshall’s Music in Torrance, California.  Pretty much a copy of a Martin D-35 with a three-piece back.  It’s been thrown off of two-story buildings, and landed on  railroad tracks, then once in a while, stuck into bonfires on the beach.  It still plays great and after owning over hundreds of expensive vintage guitars, I still have and cherish this thing.  The stickers of Bob Dylan and Metal Corvette logo are not stock by any means but they’re there for good…and good reason.  I’ve since forgot what that reason was but believe me, it’s very good.

And but so…I thought it only fair to run a short expose’ on this cutie pie.  On the back there’s a Backstage Pass for a Porno For Pyros show and a picture of some dude that was featured in an Aircraft Parts Catalog… I couldn’t pass that by without doing something with it.  Check out those fucking teeth and Sport Coat!

Next up, the MILAGRO of a PIG glued to the headstock.  What more could you want?  I glued it on all by myself! Sorry about the bad photo….

Are we having fun yet?  Probably not, but I’m sure plenty of you guitar clowns out there have something not that different than this story.  On a slightly and completely different note, make sure you get off your ass and buy the local Girl Heart Throbs, BOMBON’S new album… Have a Bitchen Summer and I’ll see you in Home Economics Class next year!