Sponge Bath Square Dad…Tell him what we said ’bout “Paint It Black”.

14 01 2011

I’m bummed, happy and sad, but strangely glad. I just sold my beloved mint condition late 50’s Kay Barney Kessel Pro Model.  The only saving grace is that it has gone to a very good home.  Nick Carr is responsible for music that shows up faithfully and chock-full of whimsy in conjunction with the wonderful and smartly-stupid Sponge Bob Square Pants Cartoon Series.   It’s a painful tickle that pervades at this time.  Thanks Nick, you’ve  all at once ruined and somehow completed my life.  Attached is a shot of Nick’s Home Studio with the newly adopted baby.  Take this Brother…May it serve you well!

I still have my Kessel Jazz Special so…all is not lost. All is not lost.  The only guitar that ever came to me in a Lawnmower Box.  It’s not going anywhere!




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14 01 2011

Hey, Dirk! This guy Nick Carr, does he work with Jeremy Wakefield on the show?
Your SG is sitting next to me, looking beautiful…..

15 01 2011
Guitar Safari

Hi Curt, I really don’t know this cat but he’s a friend of a friend. I’ll see if I can check it out for you…do you know this Jeremy character?
Come on down to the shop soon!
….also, it’s nice to know that someone is reading my stupid bullshit here on the interwide webscicles!

18 01 2011

HI Dirk….Cheking out your site….nice…I’ts kinda like Face Book, without all the face book….More like book of dirk face…kidding Ha hA.

But really I like who you can not only have your store and what is for sale, But youcan rant about art and things you are into. I like it…

23 01 2011
Guitar Safari

Thank You Kind Sir! Now you are among the very few, the “Dirty Dozen” Intelligentsia in San Pedro.
Dirk Face

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