1971 The Year Of The Last Real Thinline…

13 02 2011

I love this guitar. It’s been beaten.  It’s been smoked on.  Maybe been in a few Topless Bars.  It has almost zero frets left.  Worked to death without retirement.  It’s light weight.  It sings.  These went to a double Seth Lover Designed Humbucker-Pickup configuration right after this, but I love a Telecaster and this has the standard Tele Design.  Not to knock the Seth Lover Pickups…they’re great with a maple fretboard!  Get yourself an original 70’s Starcaster and see what I mean.  Paul Reed Smith is like “Lips and Dicks” (hot dogs?) compared to the tone you can get from either of these Telecasters that I’m describing.  I guess I won’t be getting a Paul Reed Smith Dealership anytime soon but who cares?   No love lost.  I found this guitar in Dallas about twenty five years ago.  Check out the Dry Lake-Bed Smoke-Stained Pickguard.  The worn-out attributes and cracks in the wood…my floor!  Who could ask for more?  I’ve played some of the Mexican Manufactured Models and some are great and cost way less than one of these originals, but you should buy one!  Not from me though, those people won’t give an independent guitar shop the time of day now.  Am I bitter?  No, probably just disappointed that in the good old days these Sales-Clowns would drive all over the country, beg,  and take on Dealerships with anyone who would just talk to them after getting out of their Country Squire Wagon and show them a piece or two.  Now, you’ve got to be NASA or something to get them to even deal with you.   Here I go again, crying about the state of things….when people are starving and rioting and/or making tons of money.  Buy a Telecaster from a small shop and see what you can do!  I have three of them and they’re all amazing!  Give up The Strat Habit!  Jazzmasters and Telecasters are the best guitars Leo ever brought to life.  Oh yeah, and put on some Harry Nilsson.  It will blow your 2011 mind!