With Saccharine and Trust

13 03 2010

One more post regarding the Reactionaries show. It’s always been an amazing experience when seeing Saccharine Trust. I’ve been lucky enough to have seen them dozens of times. They opened the show at Harold’s for the Reactionaries Record Release Party a few weeks back.  Just a handful of records were released, melding jazz, punk, funk, spoken word…you name it, but all worth a listen. I must say these guys are on par but perhaps a different par with the Minutemen or any other L.A. band that truly had, and still has great vision. Their music and live performances are second to none. Joe Baiza and Jack Brewer should be forever sewn at the hip to prevent the disintegration of this band ever again.  They took about ten years off and are back stronger than ever for the last couple of years. Here are a couple shots granted for use here by photographer Matthew Widmark who documented the live performance of PAGANICONS at Harold’s.  San Pedro is finally coming of age! Again!

There’s plenty of stuff on the Internet if you’re not familiar with this band.  Too much for me to post here.  Here’s a link to Matthew’s pictures of the entire event.  Thanks Matt!  Great Shots of a night to remember.  Check out the Unknown Instructors CD if you get a chance. It features an array of  “Wannabees” including Joe Baiza, Dan McGuire, George Hurley, Raymond Pettibon, David Thomas and Mike Watt….who are these dudes anyway?




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13 03 2010

Old guys still doing it makes me smile. Why grow up? What’s so great about being an adult?

13 03 2010
Guitar Safari

Get in line for a Rock & Roll pine box and six feet of unheralded moments!
I went to see Ella Fitzgerald once at the Hollywood Bowl and Clark Terry came out and just as Ella was, escorted on to the stage because they were very old and might trip over something…The first thing out of Mr.Terry’s mouth was “the Golden Years suck”. Fuck yeah, this is it. Let’s get real!
Thanks for checking in. Get old and play music…drop on stage!

11 05 2013
Monk Bucket

I love these guys. They played my last show at 2nd Street Jazz about 2 years ago. That was a good way for me to make my exit, with a big bang.

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